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Thursday May 30th, 2013 the Focus Fire team did a fantastic job as they took down Lei Shen, the Thunder King. All of the member of the raid team have worked very hard toward this goal, and all deserved this achievement. This kill marks Focus Fire as one of only three Garona Horde guilds to down this boss. The team looks forward to starting Heroic modes.

Raiders left to right:  Naturz (Druid Healer), Neoberess (Druid Dps), Oom (Priest Dps), 
  Pandaz (Druid Healer), Zercury (DK Tank), Kitext (Pally Tank), Pahota (Shaman Healer), 
  Dahling (Warrior DPS), Lers (Hunter DPS), Aniravia (Monk DPS).

Ogre Grats guys! Amazing job from an amazing crew!
Focus Fire recently took down Blade Lord Ta'yak as well as Heroic Stone Guards on 10 man. Garalon here we come!

Maybe Zercury will learn French someday!
Focus Fire moved into Heart of Fear this week and started the night off right with a kill!
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